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Romanticism might best be described as anticlassicism. A reaction against Neoclassicism, it is a deeply-felt style which is individualistic, exotic, beautiful and emotionally wrought. Although Romanticism and Neoclassicism were philosophically opposed, they were the dominant European styles for generations, and many artists were affected to a lesser or greater degree by both. Artists might work in both styles at different times or even combine elements, creating an intellectually Romantic work using a Neoclassical visual style, for example.

Caspar David Friedrich German Romantic painter, etcher, watercolorist & draftsman born 1774 - died 1840

John Constable English Romantic Painter, 1776-1837

Joseph Mallord William Turner English Romantic Painter, 1775-1851

John Henry Fuseli Swiss-born British Romantic Painter, 1741-1825

George Stubbs English Romantic Painter, 1724-1806

Thomas Gainsborough English Rococo Era/Romantic Painter, 1727-1788

Francisco de Goya Spanish Rococo Era/Romantic Painter and Printmaker, 1746-1828 Also known as: Francisco de Goya y Lucientes

Francesco Hayez Italian Romantic Painter, 1791-1882

Eug¨¨ne Delacroix French Romantic Painter, 1798-1863

Th¨¦odore Chass¨¦riau French Romantic artist born 1819 - died 1856

Joseph Anton Koch Austrian Painter, 1768-1839