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Rococo Art Europe, 1715 to 1774, succeeded Baroque Art in Europe. It was most popular in France, and is generally associated with the reign of King Louis XV (1715-1774). It is a light, elaborate and decorative style of art. Quintessentially Rococo artists include Jean-Honore Fragonard, Fran?ois Boucher, Jean-Antoine Watteau and Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.

Jean-Honor¨¦ Fragonard French Rococo Era Painter, 1732-1806

Francois Boucher French Rococo Era Painter, 1703-1770

Jean-Antoine Watteau French Rococo Era Painter, 1684-1721

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Italian Rococo Era Painter, 1696-1770

Bernardo Bellotto Italian Rococo Era Painter, C.1721-1780