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Neoclassicism Art is a severe and unemotional form of art harkening back to the grandeur of ancient Greece and Rome. Its rigidity was a reaction to the overbred Rococo style and the emotional charged Baroque style. The rise of Neoclassical Art was part of a general revival of interest in classical thought, which was of some importance in the American and French revolutions.

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres French Neoclassical painter, engraver, draftsman, printmaker & violinist born 29 August 1780 - died 14 January 1867

Jacques-Louis David French Neoclassical painter & draftsman born 30 April 1748 - died 29 December 1825

Jean-L¨¦on G¨¦rome French Academic Painter and Sculptor, 1824-1904

Marie Louise ¨¦lisabeth Vig¨¦e-Lebrun French Neoclassical Painter, 1755-1842