Nicolas Lancret

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Nicolas Lancret 1
The Bird Cage
Oil on canvas,
44 x 48 cm
Alte Pinakothek

Nicolas Lancret 2
Mademoiselle de
Camargo Dancing
1730Oil on canvas
42 x 55 cm

Nicolas Lancret 3
Company in Park
Oil on canvas,
64,5 x 69,5 cm
Museu Calouste

Nicolas Lancret 4
Fete in a Wood
1720Oil on canvas
64 x 91 cm
Wallace Collection

Nicolas Lancret 5
Luncheon Party
1735 Oil on canvas
Museum of Fine
Arts, Boston

Nicolas Lancret 6
Lady Gentleman
with two Girls
and Servant1742
Oil on canvas,
89 x 98 cm
National Gallery

Nicolas Lancret 7
Seat of Justice in
the Parliament of
Paris in 1723,
Oil on canvas,

Nicolas Lancret 8
The Swing
Oil on canvas
Victoria Albert
Museum, London

Nicolas Lancret 9
Winter 1738
Oil on canvas,
69 x89cm Louvre