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Ref No. Gainsborough 1
Forest Cornard Wood
1746-47.Oil on canvas
National Gallery, London

Ref No. Gainsborough 2
Landscape with Sandpit
1746-47Oil on canvas.
National Gallery of Ireland
Dublin, Ireland.

Ref No. Gainsborough 3
Wooded Landscape with
a Waggon in the Shade
1760s. Oil on canvas.
British Museum, London

Ref No. Gainsborough 4
Mrs. Philip Thicknesse
nee Anne Ford. 1760
Oil on canvas. Art
Museum, Cincinnati

Ref No. Gainsborough 5
Lady Alston. 1760-1765
Oil on canvas.
Louvre, Paris, France.

Ref No. Gainsborough 6
Mary, Countess Howe.
1763-4. Oil on canvas.
Iveagh Bequest,
Kenwood, UK

Ref No. Gainsborough 7
Isabella, Viscountess
Molyneux. 1769.
Oil on canvas.
Walker Art Gallery,
Liverpool, UK

Ref No. Gainsborough 8
Duchess of Beaufort.
1770s. Oil on canvas.
The Hermitage,
St. Petersburg, Russia

Ref No. Gainsborough 9
View of King's Bromley
-on-Trent, Staffordshire.
1768-70. Oil on canvas
Philadelphia Museum

Ref No. Gainsborough 10
The Blue Boy. Exhibited
R.A. 1770. Oil on canvas
Henry E. Huntington Art
Gallery, San Marino, USA

Ref No. Gainsborough 11
Edward, 2nd Viscount
Ligonier. Exhibited
1771. Oil on canvas.
Henry E. Huntington Art
Gallery, San Marino,USA

Ref No. Gainsborough 12
Penelope, Viscountess
Ligonier.Exhibited R.A.
1771Oil on canvas.
Henry E. Huntington Art
Gallery,San Marino USA.

Ref No. Gainsborough 13
Captain William Wade.
1771. Oil on canvas
Private Collection,
Stratfordshire, UK

Ref No. Gainsborough 14
Honorable Mrs. Graham
1775. Oil on canvas
National Gallery of Art
Washington, DC, USA

Ref No. Gainsborough 15
Hon. Frances Duncombe
About 1778. Oil on canvas
Frick Collection,New York

Ref No. Gainsborough 16
Louisa, Lady Clarges.
1778Oil on canvas.
Holburne Museum and
Crafts Centre, Bath, UK

Ref No. Gainsborough 17
Mrs. "Perdita" Robinson.
1781-82. Oil on canvas.
Wallace Collection,UK

Ref No. Gainsborough 18
Seascape. 1781.
Oil on canvas.
National Gallery of Art
Washington, DC, USA.

Ref No. Gainsborough 19
Portrait of George III. 1781
. Oil on canvas.
Royal Collection, UK

Ref No. Gainsborough 20
Portrait of Queen Charlotte
1781. Oil on canvas.
Royal Collection, UK

Ref No. Gainsborough 21
Giovanna Baccelli.
Exhibited R.A. 1782.
Oil on canvas.
Swinton Park,
Earl of Swinton, UK.

Ref No. Gainsborough 22
Miss Haverfield. c.1782
Oil on canvas.
Wallace Collection,UK

Ref No. Gainsborough 23
Mountain Landscape
with Shepherd.
1783. Oil on canvas.
Neue Pinakothek,
Munich, Germany.

Ref No. Gainsborough 24
Mountain Landscape with
Peasants Crossing Bridge
1784. Oil on canvas.
National Gallery of Art,
Washington, DC, USA.

Ref No. Gainsborough 25
Dogs Chasing a Fox.
1784-85 Oil on canvas.
Iveagh Bequest,UK.

Ref No. Gainsborough 26
Mrs. Richard Brinsley
Sheridan, nee Elizabeth
Linley.1785.Oil on canvas
National Gallery of Art,

Ref No. Gainsborough 27
Mrs. Sarah Siddons.
1785. Oil on canvas.
National Gallery, London

Ref No. Gainsborough 28
Sophia Charlotte,
Lady Sheffield.
1785-86Oil on canvas
National Trust,
Waddesdon Manor, UK.

Gainsborough was born in Sudbury, Suffolk, on May 14, 1727. He showed artistic ability at an early age, and when he was 15 years old he studied drawing and etching in London with the French engraver Hubert Gravelot. Later he studied painting with Francis Hayman, a painter of historical events. Through Gravelot, who had been a pupil of the great French painter Antoine Watteau, Gainsborough came under Watteau's influence. Later he was also influenced by the painters of the Dutch school and by the Flemish painter Sir Anthony van Dyck. From 1745 to 1760 Gainsborough lived and worked in Ipswich. From 1760 to 1774 he lived in Bath, a fashionable health resort, where he painted numerous portraits and landscapes. In 1768 he was elected one of the original members of the Royal Academy of Arts; and in 1774 he painted, by royal invitation, portraits of King George III and the queen consort, Charlotte Sophia. Gainsborough settled in London the same year. He was the favorite painter of the British aristocracy, becoming wealthy through commissions for portraits. Gainsborough died in London on August 2, 1788.Gainsborough executed more than 500 paintings, of which more than 200 are portraits. His portraits are characterized by the noble and refined grace of the figures, by poetic charm, and by cool and fresh colors, chiefly greens and blues, thinly applied. Among his world-famous portraits are Orpin, the Parish Clerk (Tate Gallery, London); The Baillie Family (1784) and Mrs. Siddons (1785), both in the National Gallery, London; Perdita Robinson (1781, Wallace Collection, London); The Hon. Francis Duncombe (1777?, Frick Collection, New York City); Mrs. Tenant (1786-1787, Metropolitan Museum, New York City); and many in private collections, including The Blue Boy (1779?, Huntington Collection, San Marino, California). His portrait Mr. and Mrs. Andrews (1750?, National Gallery, London) is unusually balanced between portrait and landscape painting.