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Ref No. Caillebotte 1
A Balcony 1880

Ref No. Caillebotte 2
A Balcony in Paris 1880

Ref No. Caillebotte 3
A Road Near Naples 1872

Ref No. Caillebotte 4
Anchored Boat on the
Seine at Argenteuil1888

Ref No. Caillebotte 5
Banks of the Yerres 1878

Ref No. Caillebotte 6
Boater Pulling on His
Perissoire 1878

Ref No. Caillebotte 7
Boathouse in Argenteuil 1886

Ref No. Caillebotte 8
Boulevard Haussmann
Snow 1880

Ref No. Caillebotte 9
Boulevard des Italiens 1880

Ref No. Caillebotte 10
Chrysanthemums, Garden
at Petit Gennevilliers 1893

Ref No. Caillebotte 11
Cliff at Villers-sur-Mer 1880

Ref No. Caillebotte 12
The Garden at Petit
Gennevilliers 1893
157 x 114 cm

Ref No. Caillebotte 13
Fishing 1878

Ref No. Caillebotte 14
Kitchen Garden, Petit
Gennevilliers 1882

Ref No. Caillebotte 15
Landscape at
Argenteuil 1889
60x73 cm

Ref No. Caillebotte 16
Melon Bowl of Figs 1880

Ref No. Caillebotte 17
Norman Landscape 1884

Ref No. Caillebotte 18
Oarsmen 1877

Ref No. Caillebotte 19
Paris Street:
A Rainy Day 1877
212x276 cm

Ref No. Caillebotte 20
Perissoires sur l'Yerres
aka Boating on the Yerres1877

Ref No. Caillebotte 21
Portraits in Countryside 1876

Ref No. Caillebotte 22
Regatta at Argenteuil 1893

Ref No. Caillebotte 23
Richard Gallo and His Dog
at Petit Gennevilliers 1884

Ref No. Caillebotte 24
Rising Road 1881

Ref No. Caillebotte 25
Thatched Cottage at
Trouville 1882

Ref No. Caillebotte 26
The Argenteuil Bridge
and the Seine 1883

Ref No. Caillebotte 27
The Basin at Argenteuil 1882

Ref No. Caillebotte 28
The Garden at Petit
Gennevilliers in Winter1894

Ref No. Caillebotte 29
The Gennevilliers Plain,
the Slopes of Argenteuil 1888

Ref No. Caillebotte 30
The Parc Monceau1878

Ref No. Caillebotte 31
The Park on the Caillebotte
Property at Yerres 1875

Ref No. Caillebotte 32
Petit Bras of the Seine 1888

Ref No. Caillebotte 33
The Promenade
at Argenteuil 1883

Ref No. Caillebotte 34
View of Seine in Direction
of the Pont de Bezons 1892

Ref No. Caillebotte 35
Villas at Trouville 1884

Ref No. Caillebotte 36
Willows by the Yerres 1872

Alexandre Cabanel Naissance De Venus Alexandre Cabanel The Death of Francesca and Paolo William Cahill Grandmother's Gown Gustave Caillebotte Rue De Paris, Temps De Pluie Gustave Caillebotte The Canoes Gustave Caillebotte Young Man at His Window Gustave Caillebotte Seascape Gustave Caillebotte Thatched Cottage at Trouville Gustave Caillebotte View of Paris Gustave Caillebotte Fruit Displayed on a Stand Gustave Caillebotte The Skiffs Gustave Caillebotte Le pont de l'Europe Gustave Caillebotte The Floor Scrapers Gustave Caillebotte View of Rooftops Gustave Caillebotte The Orange Trees Gustave Caillebotte The Floor Scrapers Gustave Caillebotte Fruit Displayed on a Stand Gustave Caillebotte Balcony Gustave Caillebotte View Across a Balcony Gustave Caillebotte The House Painters Gustave Caillebotte Oarsmen Gustave Caillebotte Young Man Playing the Piano Gustave Caillebotte Still Life Gustave Caillebotte The Bezique Game Gustave Caillebotte In a Caf? Gustave Caillebotte Luncheon Gustave Caillebotte Portrait of Eugene Daufresne Gustave Caillebotte A Soldier Gustave Caillebotte Oarsman in a Top Hat Gustave Caillebotte Sculls

Gustave Caillebotte, b. Aug. 19, 1848, d. Feb. 21, 1894, was a French painter and a generous patron of the impressionists.He was an engineer by profession, but also attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He met Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, and Pierre Auguste Renoir in 1874 and helped organize the first impressionist exhibition in Paris that same year. He participated in later shows and painted some 500 works in a more realistic style than that of his friends. Caillebotte's most intriguing paintings are those of the broad, new Parisian boulevards. The boulevards were painted from high vantage points and were populated with elegantly clad figures strolling with the expressionless intensity of somnambulists, as in Boulevard Vu d'en Haut (1880; private collection, Paris).