Baroque Masterpiece Oil Paintings Reproduction

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Baroque Art developed in Europe around 1600, as an reaction against the intricate and formulaic Mannerism that dominated the Late Renaissance. Baroque art is less complex, more realistic and more emotionally affecting than Mannerist art. This movement was encouraged by the Catholic Church, the most important patron of the arts at that time, being seen as a return to tradition and spirituality. One of the great periods of art history, Baroque Art was developed by Caravaggio,Gianlorenzo Bernini and Annibale Carracci, among others. This was also the age of Rubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer and Vel¨¢zquez. In the 18th century, Baroque Art was replaced by the more elegant and elaborate Rococo art style.

Caravaggio Italian Baroque painter born 1571 - died 1610

Annibale Carracci Italian Baroque Era Painter, 1560-1609

Peter Paul Rubens Flemish Baroque Era Painter, 1577-1640

Rembrandt van Rijn Dutch Baroque Era Painter and Engraver, 1606-1669 Also known as: Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn

S¨¦bastien Bourdon French Baroque Era Painter, 1616-1671

Frans Post landscape master Dutch Baroque Era Painter, 1612-1680

Jan van de Capelle seascape master Dutch Baroque Era Painter, C.1624-16

Jan Vermeer Dutch Baroque Era Painter, 1632-1675 Also known as: Johannes Vermeer Vermeer van Delft

Domenichino, Italian Baroque Era Painter, 1581-1641

Diego Vel¨¢zquez Spanish Baroque Era Painter, 1599-1660 Also known as: Diego Vel¨¢squez Diego Vel¨¢zquez de Silva

Jan van Goyen Dutch Baroque Era Painter, 1596-1656

Jan Davidsz. de Heem stilllife masters, Dutch Baroque Era Painter, 1606-C.1683

Meindert Hobbema Dutch Baroque Era Painter, 1638-1709

Philips Koninck Dutch Baroque Era Painter, 1619-1688

Nicolas Lancret French Painter, 1690-1743

Claude Lorrain French Baroque Era Painter, ca.1602-1682

Joos de Momper II Flemish Baroque Era Painter, 1564-1635

Nicolas Poussin French Baroque Era Painter, 1594-1665

Jacob van Ruisdael landscape master painter, Dutch Baroque Era Painter, C.1628-1682

Jan Siberechts Flemish Baroque Era Painter, 1627-1703

Eustache Le Sueur French Baroque Era Painter, 1616-1655

Diego Vel¨¢zquez Spanish Baroque Era Painter, 1599-1660

Simon Vouet French Baroque Era Painter, 1590-1649